Together, We are ONE

Welcome to my blog ^_^
I'm Sheena,,
Sweet 16 ♥
A proud K-Pop fan from Philippines
I love EXO ♥
This is my secret, I'm Sehun's wife :D
Don't spill it to others arasseo? :)

Enjoy my blog *throws confetti*
“A Tao fan folded 10,000 stars origami for tao but unfortunately she unable to give it to tao”
Sehun Birthday Cake at EXO Greeting Party in Japan ‘Hello’. photo via: sehun nuna
"EXO taking group photo with Silver Ocean as the background ."
Tao’s weibo DP and header.
Suho and Tao’s unseen photo.
Tao and his pizza.

"Sehun said he wants to cry but since this is a happy meeting with the fans he doesn’t want to cry and everyone is chanting please cry"


The Sehun fansites union are thanking baekhyun because he mentioned the “ohorat! It’s (sehun’s) bday!” Which is written in their placards